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Welcome to Annemarie's Yoga Studio

924 William Booth Crescent, Oshawa, ON L1G 7N4 / Tel. 905 725-9199 / View Map

Some of Annemarie’s students’ comments:
  • "Her background in teaching, her passion, her sensitivity to others, her willingness for suggestion and her most powerful positive outlook will make your experience an unforgettable one & one you will look forward to each week."
  • "I find her classes not only a joy-filled respite, but a place of growth and personal understanding."
  • "I keep coming back because Annemarie’s yoga classes help me to feel good. I am so energized and peaceful at the end of each class that I cannot have anything but a smile on my face and in my heart. I love my yoga classes with Annemarie."
  • "Annemarie is a wonderful teacher. Her classes are filled with laughter and warmth."
  • "I have never paid so much attention to my breathing, I can make myself relax using the techniques I have learned."


Our Studio is known for its:
  • friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere
  • beautiful, clean and serene environment
  • bountiful props and equipment
  • personalized attention… everyone is Unique
  • making Yoga accessible to Every Body
  • non-competitive attitude
  • registered, certified and knowledgeable teacher(s)
  • annual Women’s Yoga Retreats

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About Annemarie

Annemarie Greenwood E-RYT has practised and studied yoga for over 30 years and is a registered yoga teacher with The Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International. Her lifetime passion for yoga, love of teaching and sensitivity to her students is evident as Annemarie encourages her students to be compassionate with themselves, to stay connected to their inner teacher… to listen to the messages their body is sending them during their practice, and to move mindfully in a respectful way thereby creating a practice honouring both their body and their energy level in each moment. Students learn to recognize the difference between sensation and pain (going to their “edge” is great, but not into pain) and to stop whenever a break is needed.

Annemarie’s students are made to feel at ease and comfortable through her pleasant personality and helpful guidance. A patient, hands-on teacher she uses clear, precise instructions to guide, support and align her students. Modifications are always provided to suit student needs. Her intention as a teacher is to serve and guide her students to improve their health and well being, and to empower and encourage them to grow beyond their limits. She believes that…

“Yoga is for Every Body.”

Annemarie’s classes focus on:

  • staying connected to the breath
  • developing body/mind awareness
  • increasing core strength and muscle tone
  • improving posture and inner confidence
  • having a positive outlook in life
  • learning to become centred and experiencing non- resistance/letting go
  • exploring the asanas (postures) and their deeper meaning
  • practising “yoga” on and off the mat – applying it to daily life

Annemarie has studied at Innerquest Studio and Synergy Movement and has taken courses with such international yoga instructors as: Seane Corne, Marsha Wenig, Rodney Yee and David Life. She had the opportunity and privilege to study and practise in Delhi, India with Swami Vidyanand, founder of Transformational Yoga, in which she received additional certification. Annemarie has, for several years now, volunteered her time at The Yoga Show and Conference held yearly in Toronto. She regularly attends yoga workshops with local and internationally recognized yoga teachers to continue her personal and professional development.

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